How to buy:
Pricing and delivery

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How to buy – for best results in our e-shop

Step 1. Placing items in your shopping cart

There are two ways to fill your shopping cart:
a)Place your mouse cursor on the postcard image in the Home page and you will see a shopping cart icon. Click it.

b) Click on the postcard image to go to its page and click on shopping cart icon there.

To edit your shopping cart choose “shopping cart” from the upper menu.

Viewed all the postcards, filled the shopping cart and read the terms and conditions? Then it is time to buy. Click on “Buy” in shopping cart or in the right lane.

Step 2. Filling your information

Fill in the form with your data. Do check if it is correct because you will be unable to retrieve your registered delivery if the surname is incorrect.

Choose your preferred way of payment:

a) „Paypal“ - only for Euras currency. Check the prices here.

b) „bankinės sistemos Lietuvoje“ - only for Litas currency to pay on Lithuanian Elecrtonic Banking systems.

Step 3. Payment

Pay for the purchase. We will send a confirmation e-mail about the purchase to the address given.

Thank you for buying.

With any concerns please contact us.