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In the first post of this blog, I introduced myself, and now I will publish a series of posts about the shop’s products. I sell various things: postcards, stickers, envelopes, wooden items, etc. So I want to tell you more about what you can find on

Let’s start the introduction with the main product. And it’s postcards!

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Meet the owner of the postcard and stationery shop

Hello, It’s hard to start the first shop’s blog. The shop has been open for more than ten years, so many people already know what is behind the screen. But every month, some people are still discovering the world of postcards. And it’s excellent! If you found my postcards and stationery store for the first time, let me introduce myself. If you have met me before, maybe you will be interested to know more personal facts.

My name is Salomėja. I live in Lithuania, and I have been an active postcrosser since 2008. I haven’t even taken a short break in all this time. Click here to see my personal account. So X-teen years ago, I faced a lack of colorful, original, and quality postcards when participating in this postcards exchange project, so I created this shop hoping to solve the problem. My postcard collection is growing every day. And now I offer a wide range of cards: illustrated and photo postcards, animals, keep calm, funny postcards, etc. Also, I started to create stickers and other stationery.

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