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In the first post of this blog, I introduced myself, and now I will publish a series of posts about the shop’s products. I sell various things: postcards, stickers, envelopes, wooden items, etc. So I want to tell you more about what you can find on

Let’s start the introduction with the main product. And it’s postcards!

Postcards for Postcrossing and all traditional mail lovers

The postcards category is the biggest in my shop. I sell more than 450 different designs, and the supply is growing every year. Postcards are most popular with postcrossers, but they are suitable for various occasions. Use postcards for swaps. Also, they can be beautiful bookmarks, and you can send them to your beloved ones or as a thank you note, add to gifts, etc.

There are currently two types of postcards available in the shop: Favorite postcards and Nebula postcards. Let me introduce both.

Favorite postcards – a fantastic choice of different designs

My postcards shop has been working for more than ten years. For a long time, Favorite postcards were the only product. Step by step, I created the hudge collections of various themes. I’m not afraid to experiment, and I make cards that will be popular also less traditional. I created these postcards collaborating with multiple authors and designed from bought extended commercial material.

I look at what people like. That’s why some postcards stay in the range for a long time, while others are only here for a limited time.

Want to know which are the most popular themes for my postcards? Here is the top ten list:

  • Mail/Post theme: postcards with post boxes, postage stamps, letters, envelopes, and other things related to correspondence and mail.
  • Books: all postcards with books, related quotes, reading people, or reading animals.
  • Retro style postcards: vintage reprints or modern but created in retro-style postcards. You can find them in the category „Retro style“.
  • Nature photos: all beautiful photos with flowers, landscapes, forests, etc.
  • Animals photos: postcrossers love postcards with wild animals, like lions, deers, or pandas, also postcards with cats and dogs.
  • Postcards with foxes: I don’t know why, but people love cute illustrations with foxes, and I can offer nice and different ones!
  • Christmas postcards: they are popular not only during the Holiday season.
  • Maps: postcards with maps are among the most popular requests among the Postcrossing members.
  • Trains and trams postcards: this theme is also trendy among snail mail lovers.
  • Funny illustrations: I think people like products in a good mood, and many of my cards are amusing!

Nebula postcards – beautiful landscapes and city panoramas

Nebula postcards – the brand made for traditional mail and Postcrossing enthusiasts. City views or beautiful landscapes? Architecture or panoramas? Classic tourist postcards or more exciting points of view? Now you can choose!

I sell postcards with castles, lakes, rivers, city skylines, churches, and other tourist attractions.

If you wonder who made photos of Nebula postcards? It is my husband and me. We are traveling around Lithuania (and other places) and creating beautiful photographies of our unique surroundings.

Welcome to visit my shop and choose your favorite products. Also, you can always offer postcards themes. I am thankful for your support!


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