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Matching stationery: postcards, washi tapes, sticker sheets or even bookmarks

Are you a fan of paper stationery who can’t get past new postcards, stickers, notepads or bookmarks? I understand, because I am the same. And in this article I want to talk about matching stationery.

What is matching stationery?

In simple terms, these are any stationery products that share a common design. For example, envelopes, washi tapes, and sticker sheets showing the same characters. Lots of people like things in harmony. For example, these people decorate postcards with owl pictures with washi tape with owls. They even try to choose a postage stamp with owls.

So, with this in mind, many creators try to release matching stationery collections. Let me support my favorite small business with some shoutouts. If you are looking for matching stationery, you should definitely visit the Penpaling Paula shop. Also, one of my recent favorites is Apenas Illustrator. She creates matching stationery collections. She even matches the wrapping paper with the same theme!

And what about

I don’t create big matching collections. Why? I think every small business has to have a direction. And I have always said that one of my goals is to create products for different tastes. The main customers in my shop are Postcrossing members and people who like to exchange postcards privately.

So, instead of creating matching postcards and other stationery collections, I try to create as many themes and style products as possible. I hope that customers who visit my website will find something they love, whether they like cute illustrations, postcards with foxes or vintage botanical drawings.

But I always keep an eye on popular themes and naturally try to offer more products with similar designs. And that’s how, over a long period of time, a matching collection of washi tapes, stickers, and postcards appears in the shop!

Let me introduce some matching items:

How do I find matching stationery in my shop?

I have created special tag for every matching collection. So if you see a tag like in this picture below, please press it and you will find all products with similar design.

So, please let me know in the comments if you love stationery with the same pictures. Or maybe you like to combine different things? I’m always happy to see you using decorations from my shop. I invite you to tag me on social media or just send me pictures to share with those looking for inspiration!

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