It’s a surprise!


Surprise set for snail mail lover!

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Do you love postcards, stationery, and surprises? This product is for you! Perfect for postcrossing enthusiasts and stationery lovers alike, this offer is a treasure trove of epistolary delights. For just 20 EUR you will receive a surprise right to your mailbox! What’s included?

  • 25 different postcards in various themes. All postcards are made by, but you won’t find them all in our regular range. These can be postcards with foxes or other animals, books, botanical postcards, photos and beautiful illustrations.  The value of postcards part is about 18-19 EUR.
  • Assorted Stationery Surprises: A selection of charming items that may include sticker sheets, vinyl stickers, envelopes, letter pads, bookmarks, keychains, magnets, washi tapes, and etc. The value of surprise stationery part is about 10-11 EUR.

Each grab bag is valued at about 30 EUR.

Note: The postcards are different in each set, but if you buy several sets there is a chance of duplication of products.

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