Let’s visit… postcard series no. 05 | Let’s visit Finland!


Postcard for Postcrossing and all snail mail lovers.

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Let’s visit… series no. 05 | Let’s visit Finland!

Postcard size: ~10×15 cm

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This postcard is printed on 300gsm premium matte paper.

Experience the magic and wonder of Finland with our “Let’s visit Finland!” postcard, a treasure from favoritepostcard.com’s exclusive “Let’s visit…” series. Perfect for postcrossing members and enthusiasts who love to explore new places and experience new cultures.

What makes this postcard special?

  • It’s a colorful and whimsical illustration of Finland. You can admire the iconic symbols and imagery of Finland, such as the northern lights, reindeer, and the Finnish flag.
  • It’s a stamp of approval from Santa Claus himself. You can see the stamp on the top right corner that says “SANTA CLAUS 24 DECEMBER FROM NORTH POLE MAIL DELIVERY”. How cool is that?
  • It’s a tribute to Finnish literature, music, and innovation. You can see the book covers of Tove Jansson, the emblem of HEAVY METAL, and the smartphone displaying famous game. These are some of the contributions of Finland to the world of arts and technology.
  • It’s easy and convenient to shop online at favoritepostcard.com. You can find this and many other postcards from our diverse collections that suit your preferences at our one-stop postcard shop.

Don’t miss this opportunity to visit Finland with our “Let’s visit Finland!” postcard, specially curated for postcrossing members, swappers, and lovers of fine stationery. Buy online and join the world where paper meets art.

Keep in mind: colors may vary slightly due to computer monitor or phone screen settings.

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