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Postcard for Postcrossing and all snail mail lovers.

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SPA rituals

by Mycat

Postcard size: ~10×15 cm

This postcard is printed on 300gsm premium matte paper.

This postcard is a relaxing and soothing illustration of a girl enjoying a bath with flower petals and candles. There are two blue candles on the edge of the tub, creating a cozy and warm atmosphere. The background is a light pink color, giving a soft and calm feeling.

You should buy and send this postcard to someone special because it is a cozy and relaxing way to show your love of self-care and pampering. This postcard can convey comfort and happiness, and make the recipient smile. It is also a great way to share your personality and taste, as well as your appreciation for the simple things in life.

This postcard is suitable for postcrossing, swap, or snail mail, as it can appeal to a wide range of people who love baths, flowers, or illustrations. It is also easy to write on and mail, with enough space for your personal message and address. This postcard is a lovely gift that will make anyone happy and feel your friendship and affection.

Keep in mind: colors may vary slightly due to computer monitor or phone screen settings.

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