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Alice in Wonderland

Postcard size: ~10×15 cm

This postcard is printed on 300gsm premium matte paper.

Step into the magical world of Alice in Wonderland. This postcard is a delightful blend of fantasy and art, making it an ideal choice for those who wish to buy postcards online for swapping, journaling, or scrapbooking.

Key Features:

  • Fantastical Treehouse: At the heart of the postcard is a fantastical treehouse, resembling mushrooms with pinkish-purple caps and dripping details that give an impression of melting. The treehouse is complete with windows, balconies, and ladders connecting different parts.
  • Alice in Flight: Alice, in her iconic blue dress, is illustrated flying through the air. Teacups and playing cards scattered around her suggest motion as if they are being flung through the air.
  • White Rabbit: Below Alice, on the ground level to the left, stands a white rabbit wearing clothes and holding what appears to be a pocket watch.

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