Sticker sheet #052: Send More Mail


Sticker sheet: Send More Mail
Sticker sheet size: 14 x 9 cm

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Sticker sheet: Send More Mail

Sticker sheet size: 14 x 9 cm

Quantity: 1 kiss cut sticker sheet

Peel and stick anywhere!

Material: glossy paper

Enhance your journaling and mail art with our exquisite sticker sheet. Explore our online store to discover a variety of designs, each crafted with intricate details. Wondering where to buy stickers? Look no further! You can order sticker sheets online directly from us, ensuring quality and creativity in every piece.

  • Stickers for Journaling: Personalize your journal pages with stickers that feature elegant vintage elements, such as envelopes, stamps, and wax seals. Add some floral flair with stickers that showcase beautiful blue flowers and bouquets.
  • Stickers for Mail Art: Make your mail art stand out with stickers that complement your letters and packages. Choose from stickers that depict envelopes tied with strings, indicating sealed messages or letters. Or go for stickers that feature a prominent blue mailbox surrounded by blooming flowers.
  • Buy Sticker Sheets Online: Order sticker sheets online from our website and get them delivered to your address in no time.
  • Stickers Online Store: Browse our online store and find a wide range of sticker designs to suit your preferences and needs.

Ideal for scrapbooking lovers and creative souls who enjoy adding a touch of style to their creations. Perfect stickers for cute illustrations and mail, mailboxes, snail mail lovers! Decorate your postcards, letters, daily planners, bullet journals, shopping lists,  gifts and etc!

Bright, colorful!

Keep in mind: colors may vary slightly due to computer monitor or phone screen settings.

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