Sticker sheet #133: Priority Mail


Priority mail sticker sheet for postcrossers and snail mail lovers

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Sticker sheet: Priority Mail

Sticker sheet size: 10 x 5,6 cm. The sticker sheet contains 10 kiss-cut priority stickers, each of which is about 4,7 x 1 cm.

Quantity: 1 kiss cut sticker sheet

Peel and stick anywhere!

Material: matte sticker paper

Unleash your organizational skills with our Priority Sticker Sheet, a collection of 10 kiss-cut stickers designed to streamline your mailing and packaging process. Each sticker, measuring approximately 4.7 x 1 cm, is adorned with the bold word “PRIORITY,” ensuring that your important parcels are easily identifiable and handled with care.

  • Vibrant Imagery: Every sticker features a unique image next to the “PRIORITY” text, ranging from a colorful bouquet of flowers to an iconic lighthouse, adding a touch of aesthetic appeal.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for decorating priority mail envelopes, packages or even as decorative elements on planners and journals.
  • Durable Quality: Crafted for longevity and resilience, these stickers resist wear and tear ensuring that your priority items are always noticeable.
  • Easy Application: The kiss-cut design ensures each sticker peels off seamlessly from the sheet for hassle-free application.

You can buy this priority sticker sheet online from our website,, where you can also find other products such as postcards, stickers, and washi tapes. We ship worldwide from the European Union, ensuring fast and reliable delivery. You can also use this sticker sheet as a gift for your postcrossing friends or as a journal embellishment for your scrapbooking projects.

Keep in mind: colors may vary slightly due to computer monitor or phone screen settings.

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