Surprise set for snail mail lover


Surprise set for snail mail lover!

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2Surprise set for snail mail lover!

Everyone loves a pleasant surprise. So this set could be the perfect gift for you or someone you love.

In this set you will find our most beautiful products, which will bring joy to every snail mail lover. Perfect for postcrossing members, people who like postcards, letters and mail art.

Set includes:

  • 10 different random postcards. These can be any postcards from our range and sets.
  • 3 random sticker sheets (regular size, not MINI ones) designed by
  • 6 random envelopes from range.
  • + extra freebies with every set!

The good news is that this kit is about 17-20% cheaper than buying all the products separately.

So, what cards, stickers and envelopes you’ll find in the set is a surprise, but we’ll do our best to make you happy!

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