OOPS! Big defective sticker sheets set


Defective sticker sheets set.

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Sometimes this happens. Defects occur in the production of stickers.

We have many sticker sheets with various defects:

  • not aligned kiss-cut;
  •  too deep kiss cut, and it is hard to remove the sticker from the sheet;
  •  not too deep kiss cut, and you need to use scissors;
  • various printing issues, etc.

So we have decided to make OOPS! sets and sell them at a friendly price. Save more than 60%!

You will get a collection made from 10 defective sticker sheets (10 MAXI or MIDI stickers, or 2xMINI sticker sheets). They all are still available for various crafts. Examples show the worst issues, in some cases, you will not see big defects. All stickers are from collection.

We will try to collect as many sheets in one set as possible, but they can also be the same in one collection.

Remember: colors may vary slightly due to computer monitor or phone screen settings.

Stickers with defects, seconds, ups products.

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