~100 cute random die cut sticker set


~100 cute random die cut sticker set

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Many of our customers are familiar with the cute little stickers we often include as gifts. Many people asked where they could buy them, so we’ve made this great set.

The set contains at least 100 stickers, but you will usually find more.

The collections are randomly selected, so they will all be different. There may be duplicate stickers per set.

Sticker sizes vary widely. From tiny ones as small as 0,5 cm to larger ones 3-4 cm high. The stickers are printed on different papers and are available in vinyl, paper, matt and glossy.

The randomly assembled set is a great surprise for all sticker lovers. The sticker themes range from coffee, cups and cute animals to flowers, lighthouses and more.


Remember: colors may vary slightly due to computer monitor or phone screen settings.


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