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If you like the most popular postcard series, you’ll love this one too!

Collect new postcard series "Let's visit".

In a world buzzing with texts and emails, isn’t there something magical about a real paper postcard? And if you’ve ever felt the thrill of collecting these mini-masterpieces, you get it. But what’s the deal with the postcard series? Why do we go gaga over completing them? This blog post delves into the fascinating world of postcard series collecting.

Why people like collecting postcards?

  1. Nostalgia Trip: Collecting postcard series often takes people on a nostalgic journey. Each card holds memories of a place, time, or experience, making it a personal and sentimental keepsake.
  2. Visual Delight: Let’s face it – postcards are like tiny pieces of art!
  3. Treasure Hunt Excitement: There’s an undeniable thrill in the hunt for that last elusive card to complete a series.
  4. Storytelling Through Cards: Postcards often tell a story – about a destination, an event, or even the sender’s emotions.
  5. Connection and Sharing: Collecting postcard series fosters connections with others with the same passion. It becomes a way to connect, trade, and share experiences with fellow collectors worldwide.
  6. Global Exploration: For those with wanderlust, collecting postcards becomes a way to explore the world vicariously.

Popular postcard series between the members

Popular postcards series is a website that allows people to send and receive postcards from random places in the world. Many postcrossers enjoy collecting and exchanging postcards from different series, which are sets of postcards that share a common theme, design, or style. Some popular postcard series among postcrossers are:

  • Greetings from… series: These postcards show a country or region’s name, flag, and iconic symbols or landmarks. They are produced by Postallove, a Polish company that also runs a postcard shop.
  • FOTW series: FOTW stands for “Flag of the World”. These postcards feature the flag and the map of a country, along with some basic facts and statistics.
  • WT series: WT stands for “World Travel”. These postcards show a collage of images related to a country or a region, such as landscapes, monuments, food, animals, and people.
  • Blue Cats series: These are postcards that feature cute and whimsical illustrations of blue cats and their adventures. They are created by Irina Zeniuk.
  • Happy Postcrossing series: These postcards celebrate the hobby of Postcrossing and the joy of sending and receiving postcards from around the world. They are created by Paper Sisters, a German company.

These are just some of the many postcard series that postcrossers like to collect and exchange.

New postcard SERIES for collectors

I would like to introduce a new series of postcards “Let’s visit…”. This series is still very new and I am working on it slowly, so we only have 6 postcards so far, but I promise that if you like the postcards, this series will grow very fast.

Let's visit series postcards.
Let's visit France, Let's visit Lithuania, Let's visit Germany, Let's visit Netherlands, Let's visit Finland, Let's visit Sweden.

Short history. A couple of years ago, I started the “Let’s…” postcard series, which consists of over 60 postcards now. The themes of these postcards are in line with many postcrossers’ wishes. If you are looking for books, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, coffee, knitting, sewing, seasons, horses, cinema, music and other themes, you will find them in this series.

One day I was thinking of doing another postcard in this series, “Let’s visit Paris”, but it occurred to me that “Let’s visit” could become its own sister series! This is the story of its origins.

Creating this series of postcards is not easy, because not only do I have to check the information and decide what I’m going to depict on the postcards, I also have to find the right illustrations. So at the moment (2024 February) on my postcards shop online you can buy these ones: Let’s visit France, Let’s visit Lithuania, Let’s visit Germany, Let’s visit the Netherlands, Let’s visit Finland and Let’s visit Sweden.

I hope that one day I will see a wishlist for this series on the Postcrossing members accounts or social media swaps!

Let me know what do you think about this series and what countries I should add ASAP!

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